Collaboration mode

Truly achieving time, peace of mind, and cost savings for property management in parking lot administration and system equipment.

Free Equipment Supply, Maintenance & Installation Forever

  • Complimentary provision of barrier gate equipment.
  • Free supply of systems (fiber optics, self-provided computers).
  • Free provision of cloud platform and electronic delivery.
  • Free installation, scheduled maintenance, and prompt repairs.
  • Free design, offering more reasonable and user-friendly entrance and exit road planning.
  • Free equipment upgrades and updates (equipment aging or damage during the cooperation period will be updated free of charge).​

 Equipment Parameters

  • Exclusive ownership of patented card-cap lamp box barrier gates and patented LED/LCD digital barrier gates on parking equipment (for 5 years).
  • Operate advertising spaces on parking equipment to obtain daily operating funds for the company and cover the costs of maintaining the normal operation of parking equipment.
  • After the contract is signed, base construction requires 3-5 days, and installation and debugging of barrier gates take 4 hours after drying.
  • During the cooperation period, all maintenance work will be handled by AONE.
  • AONE will provide free replacement of non-man-made damaged equipment components.

We Promise You the Best Advertising Space